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Client Centered

As a CPA, you have a commitment to providing objective and knowledgeable advice to your clients. But when it comes to their personal wealth and financial planning, are you asking all the right questions? By partnering with a fiduciary, your CPA firm can offer comprehensive services that prioritize your clients’ needs first.

Help your clients take control of their financial future with comprehensive financial planning services from a fiduciary partner. With these services, you can ensure that your client’s personal wealth is accounted for and managed, and their interests are always being put first.

Expanding Your Service Line to Include Financial Planning

As a fiduciary, we have a legal and ethical obligation to act in our clients' best interests, which aligns with a CPA firm's commitment to providing objective financial advice. We’ve outlined some additional benefits your firm will receive for offering wealth management services:

  1. Build deeper, longer-lasting client relationships.
  2. Generate more revenue for your firm, unrelated to time and labor.
  3. Improve client experience by offering an additional service line to help manage their wealth.
  4. Gain a predictable and reoccurring revenue stream when paired with tax planning.
  5. In-house access to additional client information for advising and tax preparation.

Optimize Your Firm's Services by Partnering with MBE Wealth

Optimize Your Firm's Services by Partnering with MBE Wealth

It’s important to Partner with a fiduciary you can trust and whose values align with your firms. Here is how MBE Wealth serves their clients and the values they uphold as a Registered Investment Advisor:

Personalized Planning, Fiduciary Focus: As a fiduciary, we’re required to always act in our client’s best interest, and we put it in writing.

Client-Centric: At MBE Wealth, our approach differs from many financial planning companies. Instead of beginning by promoting a product, we prioritize listening to our clients. By attentively considering their goals and concerns, we can craft a customized plan that caters specifically to their individual requirements.

Fee-Based, Not Commission-Based: Our Financial Advisors are compensated only by our clients, not by the investment companies we work with. As the saying goes, “We only do well, when our clients do too,” which is why we always have their best interest in mind.

Product Agnostic: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all and only use investment products that we think are best for the client’s situation.

SEC Registered Advisors: Are all held to the highest legal and professional requirements to counsel individuals on financial affairs and manage their portfolios. 

MBE Wealth Partnership Opportunities

MBE Wealth Partnership Opportunities

How your firm offers financial advisory services can be tailored to your preference. MBE Wealth understands that every CPA firm operates differently, and with experience working with various firms, we’ve compiled partnership options to best fit your vision. We’re willing to educate and train your staff to successfully implement whichever option you choose.

1. Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Ownership: MBE Wealth will guide you step-by-step in starting your own RIA Firm. We built our RIA from scratch and in the short 10 years from its inception we now have 5 office locations and over $450 million in assets under management. Collectively, our partners have about 70 years of experience in the financial services industry to help you every step of the way to building your own Financial Advisory Practice.

2. White-Label Partnership: Offer wealth management services under your brand name using our turnkey platform built specifically for this unique relationship. We’ve spent over 10 years navigating the unique challenges of partnering with a CPA firm and have perfected our craft to make implementation a breeze. In 45 days or less, with minimal cost to you, we will have one of our advisors (operating under your label, of course) up and running at your local office or remotely based on your workplace structure.

3. MBE Wealth Partnership: Looking to test the waters of offering wealth management services to your clients? We’re happy to partner with your firm under our own reputable brand and consult your clients based on your referral. We’ll also work with your staff to understand your tax preparation process and how to best integrate opportunities for our financial advisory consulting.

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Joe Berry Bio

Joe Berry Bio

Name: Joe Berry

Title: CEO & CCO of MBE Wealth


  • Bachelor of Science in Finance from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
  • Master of Business Administration from University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire


  • 24 years as a financial advisor
  • 10+ years growing MBE Wealth