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MBE Wealth Management, LLC - Baraboo

E10890 Penny Lane
Baraboo, WI 53913

Our Investment Philosophy

We consider our investment philosophy to be the compass that keeps our decision-making and ultimately our client portfolios on track.  When emotions begin to creep in, we fall back on our philosophy to guide us.

Markets Are Efficient

Financial markets are highly and naturally efficient, as shown in the work of Nobel Prize – winning economist Eugene Fama.  Our philosophy is built on decades of research and data-gathering from experts in the academic world such as Fama, Kenneth French, and David Booth.  By utilizing this research, we believe portfolios can be constructed in a cost-efficient manner, allowing investors to capture more of the upside potential while helping to protect themselves on the downside.

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Prepare Rather Than Predict

Always trying to be one-step ahead is a fruitless endeavor.  Research has shown it is very difficult to outguess the market consistently over the long-term.  We prefer to focus on what we can control and prepare our clients with education rather than dazzle them with predictions.  Our belief is that an educated client and a disciplined advisor combine to form a strong team prepared to take on the challenges of any market environment.

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Invest…Don’t Speculate

The world of finance is filled with noise.  One just needs to turn the television on to experience this.  The noisemakers are there to promote speculation, not investing.  By placing an emphasis on individualized planning rather than following the next ‘best’ investment idea, your portfolio represents what is most important to you.  And we recognize our job is to assist you in working toward growing and preserving your wealth.  We invest for your long-term goals – we don’t roll the dice on speculation.

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