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See how we use Your Risk Number

Identify Your Risk Number

The first thing to do is take a simple 10 minute quiz that asks you to identify your top goals and what you are willing to risk to achieve certain returns. Then Riskalyze will provide a specific Risk Number for you.

Review Your Current Portfolio

Once we have identified your Risk Number, the Riskalyze software allows us to compare your current portfolio to where your portfolio should be based on your personal Risk Number

Put Your Portfolio Through Stress Tests

The next step is to use the software to identify how your current and proposed portfolio would have handled various market events over the past decade, including the "great recession".

Putting It All Together

The final step is to help you understand how to implement the proper portfolio that matches your Risk Number.

MBE Wealth Management, LLC

At MBE Wealth Management, LLC (MBEWM) we are with you every step of the way.  MBEWM strives to provide fairly-priced comprehensive financial advising services to businesses and individuals through quality wealth management, and effective insurance strategies.  We provide objective, up-to-date investment planning and advice, with our clients’ unique life situations and needs at the forefront of our wealth management strategies.  Our dedication to truly getting to know our clients and their financial goals, and our commitment to strive for excellence in all we do, sets us apart from the rest!

Our Mission

To provide Simple, Straightforward and Fair Priced advice to our clients.

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As an independent Registered Investment Adviser, we are held to the Fiduciary standard.  Your interests always come first. 

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From fee-only financial planning to full-service wealth management, we have your needs covered.

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